Producer, director and original idea

Animation Director
Beavertown, University of Southern California Shorfilm

Scriptwritter, Producer and Director
The Flame of Life Shortfilm, at Salero Shortfilm

CEO of Salero Animation Studio
June 2007 – Present
Director of Animation, Director and Producer.
Development of the Bamboa Kids children’s brand of children’s iPad applications

Senior Character Animator at B-Water Studios
January 2017 – Present
Senior freelance animator in 3D animation series

Director of Operations at Canarias at Lightbox Animation Studios
September 2014 – Present
3D animated feature Catch the Flag and Tadeo Jones 2 co-produced by Paromount Pictures, Movistar and Mediapro with international distribution. Coordination of the production for Lightbox in his new length setting up a team of Lightbox Canarias.

President at SAVE, Canary Islands Association of Companies and Professionals of Animation, Videogame and VFX

February 2016 – Present
Relationship with public and private institutions, with the objective of obtaining support to achieve the aims of the association. Study of public aid. Meeting at educational, cultural and industry working groups of the Government of the Canary Islands

Expert in Design and Programming of Video Games at ULPGC (University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria)
June 2015 – Present
Animation teacher

Junior Character Animator at Lightbox Animation Studios
February 2016 – September 2016 (7 months)
Character Animation by Crow and Animation of Secondary Characters

2016 – 2016 (less than a year)
Professor of 3D Animation and Advanced 3D Modeling at Universidad de La Laguna

3D Animation Expert Course
December 2009 – December 2010 (1 year)
Prepare the syllabus and content for the training. Establish a face-to-face online 3D training system. Provide materials.

3D Generalist
2005 – 2006 (1 year)
Development of 3D projects of infoarchitecture in all its phases.
Development of 3D modeling of characters, rig and animation for architectural projects.

3D Modeler and Animator at Forma Disseny i multimedia S.L.
2002 – 2004 (2 years)
3D projects of infoarchitecture in all its phases.
Modeling, texturing, rigging and character animation for advertising.
Project coordinator


Original idea

He has worked for the last twenty years in the production of entertainment content in comic, performing and audiovisual arts, producing and writing dozens of television spots, music videos, short films and a series of animated cartoons, as well as several scenic shows of a dramatic nature and musical.

Between 2001 and 2003, he wrote and sketched the satirical page The Adventures of Captain Pio Pio for DeBelingo, a weekly supplement for the Canary Islands7. The comic was reissued in 2006 by Anroart Editions.

Carballido worked for Palmera Producciones in Uvedoblealcubo, an innovation program for Canarian Television, and for Dachefa Audiovisuales, writing the pilot and film adaptation of the cartoon series Cool City, a co-production project with the Canadian company Comet Entertainment. The script for Cool City – La Película (co-written by Aitor Guezuraga) was awarded by Canarias Cultura en Red in 2006. Canarias Cultura en Red also awarded Carballido for Ex-Libris, written with Aitor Guezuraga and Juan Francisco Census.

Later, Carballido created with Chedey Reyes the production company Machango Studio, specialized in animation. Machango produced Jonas, Las Aventuras Imaginarias, the first animated series produced entirely in the Canaries and awarded in Donetsk (Ukraine), in Bucharest (Romania), and in the Canaries Mediafest, as well as being the first Canarian project to be selected for The Cartoon Forum of the European Union’s MEDIA program. Carballido was co-creator, screenwriter, script editor and executive producer of the series.

With Machango, Carballido wrote and produced the development of Longina, musical selected for the LEAC of Canarias Cultura en Red and the Development Workshop of Casa de América.

Then with Unahoramenos Producciones Carballido wrote several musical shows directed and produced by Mario Vega: Christmas tale with Los Gofiones, Ondas del Atlántico and Aladino and the Tangle of Geniuses.

Carballido holds a degree in Journalism and a Master’s in International Relations from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.


Animation producer

Born in Bobigny (France), Nathalie moved to Valencia (Spain) in 1980. Graduated with a Master’s degree of Audiovisual Communication and PhD studies on Cinema and Education, she works on television and cinema since 1999. With consolidated experience in this area since 2003, she produced her own feature films, working also as executive producer and line producer.

In 2005, she founded the independent film company Somnia Cinema (aka Somnia Ars) with Maxi Valero. The most prominent productions of Somnia Cinema are the tv movie Cuatro Estaciones and the long features Escuchando a Gabriel and El hombre de las mariposas.

Since 2013, she developed her career in Animation production in several short films, commercials and animation tv movies, as well as animated feature films.

In 2014, Nathalie founded Blue Dream Studios Spain, a CGI animation studio focused on animated movies. Along with other projects in different stages of development, the studio is currently in production of Animal Crackers, featuring the voices of John Krasinsky, Emily Blunt, Ian McKellen, Danny de Vito and Sylvester Stallone.


Executive Producer

Ylka Tapia studied journalism at the University of La Laguna in Spain, and she is a specialist in Audiovisual Communication, New Media and Digital Marketing. She is the deputy manager of SAVE, the regional association for the animation, video game and VFX industry in the Canary Islands, as well as the Social Media Manager of The Tenerife International Film Music Festival (FIMUCITE) and MAPAS, the professional performing arts market in Spain.

As an executive and design producer, Ylka was involved in the independent film La Guía del Silencio (2011), and the television pilot of the TV Series Madavó (2009). In television, she worked for several national Spanish production companies like Boomerang TV, MediaPro and also on public and private TV channels like Telecinco, Cuatro and the Canary Islands Public Television & Radio (RTVCA) as a journalist, tv host and scriptwriter on tv shows.

On magazines and newspapers, she has written for national and regional ones like El Mundo, IGN Spain and Marca Player, about different topics, especially technology and video games. Furthermore, she managed the digital edition of the regional newspaper Diario de Avisos from the corporation Canaria de Avisos, and founded the agency Tasiritec Media Marketing in the same company.

Recently, Ylka has finished the Explore Animation MOOC from National Film and Television School (NFTS) and the Executive Producer of Animation TV Series and Films course by the internationally renowned producers Paco Rodríguez and Belli Ramírez.

Besides, she works as a freelance Digital Marketing Consultant developing Social Media Strategies and teaching Digital Communication in public and private academic institutions.


Character Developer

Hi, I’m Juan Solís, a passionate character developer resolved to deliver clean and detail character models tailored to the design and use.

I have been involved in the entertainment industry for over twenty years.

My professional career expands into several production areas including Visual Effects, full CG feature films, commercials, game cinematics and video games. Having worked for some of the biggest studios including Walt Disney animation, Dreamworks, Ilion Animation & Blur Studios, I have been involved in projects such Frozen, ThrollHunters, Planet 51, League of Legends, Spiderman, amongst others. I have filled a diverse set of roles during my career, covering roles such as Character artist, Lead artist, Character supervisor.

I now work from beautiful Spain as a Freelance Character Development artist and consultant for several international studios.


Character Designer

Tiny Cosmonauts
Character designer
Character design for Tiny Swipers Game
October 2016 – December 2016 | Spain

3D Modeler
Design and modeling of 10 character for Roooster
February 2016 – February 2016 | United Kingdom

Unahoramenos Producciones
Animator/ Character designer
Character design and animation for the shoe Aladino y el enredo de los genios
July 2015 – September 2015 | Spain

Character designer/Game
Character design for game
September 2014 | Spain

Machango Studio
Animation director and character designer
October 2006 – Present | Spain

Damián Perea Producciones
Animation director and character designer
January 1998 – September 2006 | Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain



He studied History at the University of Valencia (UV, 1999).
Master of script (UIMP, 2000).

Currently director of content and scriptwriter of Blue Dream Studios Spain.

Professor of script in the master of cinema and animation in the University Jaume I of Castellón (2003/04).

Member of the commission of aid to script in the Valencian Institute of Cinematography (IVAC) in 2008 – 2012.

Member of the Academy of the Arts and the Cinematographic Sciences of Spain, in the specialty of Guion.

Member of the ALMA syndicate of Spanish writers.

Featured Jobs:
Animal Crackers. Animated feature film. Head of production and accounts. Blue Dream Studios Spain. 2014-2017.

El Hombre De Las Mariposas. Feature film – Drama. Director and scriptwriter. Somnia Cinema / RTVV, IVAC, ICAA, 2011. Producer: Nathalie Martínez. Released in theaters in October 2012.

Four Seasons. Tvmovie – Comedy – Executive Producer. Somnia Cinema, Sagrera Audiovisual, RTVV, TV3. Studio: Nathalie Martinez.

The Key. Animated short film- Screenwriter and director. Somnia Cinema / IVAC / RTVV. 2009.

Listening to Gabriel. Feature film – Drama. Screenwriter. Somnia Cinema / Eddie Saeta / ICAA, RTVV, IVAC, TV3, SOUTH CANAL. 2007. Production: Nathalie Martinez. Released in theaters in November 2007.

Amadeo. Eddie Saeta. Feature film. Screenwriter (Bible writing). 2008.

The Estancia. Feature film – thriller. Screenwriter. Somnia Cinema (executive producer) -IVAC, RTVV. 2004.

Alfredo The Postman And The Repairing Machine. Series – Children’s Animation. Screenwriter. Pasozebra / Disney Channel. 2 Seasons 2003 – 2005.

Los Nimbos. Series – Children’s animation. Screenwriter. Pasozebra. RTVV-Channel 9. 4 Seasons 2001 -2005.

Hero Dad. . Animation series. Bible and pilot chapter. Blue Dream Studios Spain.

In My House Mando Yo. Series. Screenwriter. Picasso / Telecinco Studios. 2001.

Fabio-Urgent Mail. Scriptwriter pilot animation chapter. (Pasozebra Producciones S.L. and Bausan films S.L.) 1998.