When she turns 15, Layla signs in a social network, disobeying her aunt. The same day, when she comes back from high school in her coastal city, she is chased by weird mute beings who want to kidnap her. When she is about to be catched, Napoleon appears (a tetchy speaking monkey) and saves her. Then, he takes her to the secret headquarters where Layla meets the Observer, the ‘boss’ of the Time Guardians, known as Watch Warriors.

The Observer sets the scene for Layla: the organization is constituted by warriors from different dimensions and different historical periods. They all work together with one goal: save the Multiverse, which is in danger for the actions of Madame Black, the evil leader of the Faceless Man, who plans the destruction of all existing realities.

Madame Black is the boss of the ‘guys’ who chased Layla and for some reason, she is very interested in the girl. Layla got to stay away of Madame Black’s radar but when the girl signed up in the social network, she got into the spotlight again without knowing it. The Observer knows he has to protect her because she is the key element of the ongoing war. He invites Layla to join the Watch Warriors. The girl is surprised because she does not know her importance, but accepts.

From that very moment, Layla, along with Napoleon, Cromagnus (an intelligent Cro Magnon) and Alpha (a sarcastic-depressive robot) will experience endless adventures through different historical moments and diverse dimensions. They always have to fight against Madame Black and foil her destruction attempts. Meanwhile, the girl will try to understand why is she so important, when is blatant that she is very limited in the fight. What she does not know (and neither the viewers) is that Madam Black is, in fact, the alter ego of her missing mother.

In each mission, the team has to detect the time anomalies caused by Madame Black. Those anomalies can only be detected with the Watch Goggles, which allow to see reality as it should be without alterations. Therefore, the Watch Goggles also detect elements that should not be there and those elements are time spheres or Madame Black’s spies in disguise. Those spies have an evil plan which is to alter the real path of those historical events.

The Watch Warriors will often receive help from alternate versions of themselves. They will also have to fight their evil alter egos.