Preteen aged 15. Smart, intelligent and brave. She knows there is something weird about herself. She helps the WW while she tries to figure out things about her own role in the things that are happening as well as discovering the truth about her mother. She suspects that in her life there are too many unexplainable things. She knows that people that surround her hide secrets about her family.


He is a tetchy and weapon-expert monkey. He comes from another dimension where monkeys are technologically more advanced than humans in the real timeline. Cold, distant and very intelligent, he is Layla’s official “guardian.” Therefore, while they are on Earth, he needs to act like he is her pet, something that annoys him a lot. He is stubborn, but he likes her.


He comes from an alternative reality and from an historical moment dominated by Cro Magnon men, so he looks like one. Very impulsive and independent, he has super senses and an animal instinct that allows him to communicate with animals from any timeline. Sometimes he acts like a doggy: tender and loving.


Female robot with male appearance, she is in charge of driving the vehicles of the WW and manages the whole communications network, but she has a minor impact in the plot. In theory, she should be cold and calculating, but a precise event in her past conferred her with human and female characteristics, and not exactly the good ones: pessimist, with tendency to depression and very sarcastic, which is something that sometimes is not helping the group. In real life and thanks to a hologram, she transforms in Layla’s aunt, who has been taking care of the girl since she was a baby.


The boss of the group, although he is never on the missions. He is a mysterious guy because it is unclear if his personal motivation is sincere or, instead, he hides something to the WW. Neither his connection with Madame Black is clear. He just assigns the missions and tells the team everything they need to know… but he always has a further ace on his sleeve: vital information. He could be the real-world saver or, who knows, its destroyer.

In fact, the Observer is an experiment of Madame Black (who is immortal). He used to be her aide until he found out her evil plan: to kill Layla and her missing mother. He was the one who helped them to escape and now, in the shadow and with Alpha, he has been taking care of Layla since she was a baby.


Layla’s mother alter-ego, but without a daughter. Her motivation is not very clear: we don’t know why does she want to destroy the Multiverse and why does she need the girl. The only sure thing is that she was part of the Watch Warriors in the past and that she hates the Observer. In her mind, Layla is in the wrong team, with the “evil” ones, which is crazy… or isn’t she? 15 years ago, she tried to kill Layla and her mother because she knew that the power of the girl was the only thing that could stop her plan: destroy all timelines.


Flunky clones serving Madame Black. They are just pawns, they don’t have personality. Frequently they are camouflaged in the crowd and they can only be detected with the Watch Goggles. The Faceless Men cannot choose not to obey Madame Black, that is why one of the rules of the Watch Warriors is not to use lethal force. Normally they avoid confrontation but, if they have no choice, they use paralyzers: weapons that paralyze without harm.