Watch Warriors


Television series 52×11’


Superhero adventures and history comedy, a varied team of superheroes who travel throughout timelines in order to protect the space/time while they discover themselves and their roots.


Layla is a 15-year-old with the superpower of time traveling. She is going to be kidnapped by Madame Black. The Watch Warriors halt the kidnapping and invite her to join them to their time-guardian’s team in order to prevent the “villains” from imploding the timelines. Those “villains” have a temporal sphere with the destructive power of a black hole.

Thematic focus

Two storylines weave the plot of the series

  1. The first one corresponds to different periods of history such as Ancient and Modern Age. This storyline shows important historic events from the dinosaurs’ era, prehistory, Roman Empire, Egyptian civilization, Attila the Hun, the Industrial Revolution and relevant inventions, among others. The goal is to show kids historical events while playing with the Watch Warriors.At the same time, in some of these journeys, the WW will fight in alternative realities, introducing in such way the dystopia or the Multiverse: events that do not alter the real timeline, but do exist in a parallel world, creating their own historical path. For instance, what would happen if electricity was never discovered? How such “in-the-dark” society would be? Kids will learn how the era of electricity started, but they will be surprised by the adventures of the WW in a dystopic time. The mission of the Time Guardians is to protect that Multiverse: to protect all worlds or alternative dimensions.
  2. The second storyline is represented by conflicts, both internal and external (this time, familiar). Our main character is preadolescent and she conveys the importance of the self-knowledge in an unknown world for her. Likewise, she will have to discover what happened to her mother, and understand the meaning of “being a family.” As if it was not enough, she has to learn how to control her super powers, but also manage the conflicts of “being a girl.”All characters must learn to overcome both teams and personal conflicts. In this way, we are promoting trust, tolerance and respect for the diversity, among other values. We find a good example of this in one of the main characters: Alpha. Alpha is an artificial intelligence who is, in reality, Laila’s aunt, who is struggling because of her man shape and female personality.Both plots result in a series that show the infant audience personal conflict while we are teaching where do we come from and what is our history.