Production design – visual style

WW is a transmedia project and will use a visual style based on 3D characters and illustrated backgrounds (to reduce production costs). WW will also use a videogame motor for rendering. This way, costs are more competitive in production as well as in animation.

The animators’ department will treat characters with total freedom. The reason why is that a series for this particular age range in 2D must be very rich in terms of animation. We will work with three levels of color and with Ambient Occlusion to give some volume to the characters and the background.

It should be noted that the real challenge of the production is the quantity of parallel universes or Multiverse. There will be needed several scenarios and multiple characters. Nevertheless, since there are different timelines, some characters will be the same with different clothing, “recycling” and providing a more efficient production. The 2D style with a simple Matte Painting, will allow us to work with different backgrounds such as the Roman Empire, a world dominated by monkeys, the Industrial Revolution and more.