Watch Warriors (WW) addresses the concept of “time” and how different timelines interweave. The idea comes from one of the authors’ passion for animation movies such as Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths or series like El Ministerio del Tiempo (The Ministry of Time). Interweaving timelines are a brand-new concept for infant audience. WW offers a unique opportunity for this audience, under three main points:

  • The superheroes: characters with personal, team and story/history conflicts.
  • Timelines: how past incidents changed the story/history.
  • Basketball as a sport that conveys positive values.

It is important to highlight that WW is a superhero adventures and history comedy: a varied team of superheroes who travel throughout timelines in order to protect the space/time while they discover themselves and their roots, hence conferring it with a universal value. Characters and their personal motivations are not homogeneous or specific from one culture or nationality. instead, they are universal.